Open Source Neuro

Developing open source hardware for neuroscience research and education

Aligned with the Open Science movement, we provide dedicated services to research teams looking for open-source hardware solutions.

We hence develop and disseminate community-based open-source hardware projects: Affordable tools conceived to enhance the accessibility, reproducibility, customisation and easily fixable (or replaceable) devices for performing state-of-the art experiments, necessary for cutting-edge scientific research.


With our academic partners we develop, reproduce and adapt open tools specifically crafted for university-level education.

From state-of-the-art classroom materials such as in-silico neurons, to essential laboratory equipment such as microscopy or biomolecular devices, our collaborative approach with teaching teams ensures that we deliver finely tuned solutions to meet students specific needs.

Our goal is to enhance the education experience by providing accessible, innovative tools that empower both educators and learners alike.


Developing and reproducing accessible and customisable state-of-the-art tools for scientific research constitutes the centre of our activities.

Open source hardware devices improve research transparency, foster peer-community collaboration and allow low-resource research units to perform experiments with fewer technical limitations.

We provide world-wide services to research teams and institutions. By promoting the open science principles, we aim to leverage the collective expertise of the global community to tackle the modern challenges encountered in the research environment.


We actively contribute to diverse open educational projects. With our collaborators, we continuously develop accessible tools and technics for Neurophysiology, Data Analysis, Computational Neuroscience, Methodology, etc.

We organise workshops based on our diverse in-silico neurons with teaching institution.

We also offer practical sessions to train students and researchers on coding, programming, electronics, 3D design and printing, etc. All necessary skills to use, modify and maintain Open Source Hardware.